Will.i.am’s Tech Startup Hires Phil Molyneux

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For those of us born in the 90s and growing up in the early 2000’s, the name Will.i.am conjurs up images of of a small man in outrages costumes singing, dancing, and rapping along with his band, the Black Eyed Peas. Between his hats and sunglasses, no one would be at fault for thinking that there wasn’t much going on business-wise in Will.i.am’s head. Those people would in fact, be wrong. It turns out that Will.i.am is not only a talented muscician and producer, but also a talented entrepreneur who is looking to make his name known and respected in the tech world. Will.i.am’s current ventures are in the tech world and are focused on wearable technology, an umbrella term that covers everything from fitness bands to smart watches, to anything in between. His tech startup, i.am+, is looking into these wearable devices as the future and is based in Hollywood. Now, to further his plans,...

Updates: Net Neutrality

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Internet activists around the world could count yesterday as a major victory after the top US telecommunications regulator approved a plan to govern broadband Internet like a public utility.  In the aftermath of a particularly intense lobbying battle, the FCC passed strict new rules that give the body its greatest power over the cable industry since the Internet first went mainstream.  Tom Wheeler, the FCC chairman who formerly worked as a telecom lobbyist and has since become a major champion of net neutrality, spoke to the 4 million+ people who had written online about the new rules.  While other countries were trying to control the Internet, he said, new US protections on net neutrality represented a “red-letter day” for Internet freedom. Wheeler pointed out that the Internet is simply too big and important to not have some sort of rules governing it.  Broadband providers are now...

Teaching Kids to Code

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This Week in Tech

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