Teaching Kids to Code

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This Week in Tech

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The Regulators

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The Regulators

In case you haven’t been able to tell, I enjoy researching and understanding startup companies. The fusion of self determination, entrepreneurship, and fresh solutions to relevant issues is something that many, myself included, find magnetizing. While all companies technically go through a startup phase, there is one group amongst them that seems to be getting […]

The Bustle of Marketplace Startups

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Whether it’s the increased connectivity the internet provides us, an increasing impatience amongst consumers, or a strong desire to do away with older business and industry models, there’s no denying- or stopping- the rise of marketplace startups. Like the best startups, they aren’t focused on creating a need,but rather alerting consumers by bringing a solution […]

Cleaning Up Insurance

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Ali Diab had a problem. After an emergency, life-saving medical procedure, he was slapped with an absolutely insane medical bill before learning that his insurance provider would not cover it. Before you jump to any conclusions, Diab was financially well-off, and so having a low-coverage plan was not at all the bigger issue. Instead, he […]

The Most Important Piece in the Startup Picture

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What do you believe to be the most important factor in a startup? The vision? The leadership? The investors? The product itself? Maybe it’s none of these things. Writing for TechCrunch, Ron Miller argues that the most important part of a startup is none of these things. While undeniably important, it’s crucial that any fledgling […]

Urban Compass

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Urban Compass

Are you familiar with the frustrating home hunting experience that Craigslist is so well known to provide? A simple search for apartments in a major city is sure to yield several results that are far from desirable: spam posts, duplicates, listings that are obviously too good to be true, and those that are advertised as […]

Acorns: Investing in the Smartphone Era

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Acorns: Investing in the Smartphone Era

Let’s be honest, investing your money can be an insanely daunting task for the newcomer. And no, I’m not talking about investments like buying a house, car, or even a shiny new Apple product. For the moment, “investment” will be referring to investments in the stock market. And even if investing in the stock market […]

Health X

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Public health. It’s a sector that we can all agree is exceedingly important in a world that has become increasingly sedentary, but somehow continues to fall by the wayside. Governments are wrestling with the question of how to encourage populations to become more active and engage in healthier lifestyles. It’s win-win, too. People live longer […]

Learning From Startup Failure

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For as long as many of us can remember, we’ve been told by parents and authority figures alike that it’s important for us to learn from our failures. Understandably, it’s not at all an easy thing to do- it requires a solid level of introspection and an even greater level of humility. For one thing, […]