10 Things About Tory Reiss

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10 Things About Tory Reiss

1. Tory Reiss does not eat bacon.

2. Tory Reiss does not like lists like this.

3. Tory Reiss likes to dance even though he’s horrible at it.

4. Tory Reiss drinks more milk than a baby goat.

5. Tory Reiss is a nerd.

6. Tory Reiss is proud to be Jewish.

7. Tory Reiss loves startups.

8. Tory Reiss can be funny, but usually it’s an accident.

9. Tory Reiss likes puppies.

10. Tory Reiss is a big fan of hammocks.


That’s 10 Things about Tory Reiss!

Now come read about Tory Reiss on Huffduffer.

Tory Reiss
(Tory M. Reiss)

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